CEP May 2018 Sneak Peak

Snippet – Connect People to the System (Kerry Corlett-Naude)– Emerald from Johannesburg shares some of her journey and the benefits of being exposed to the Network 21 system.

Snippet – Everything is Cool (Lizette Liesching) – Speaking on a topic that is generic in all parts of our lives – emotions.  This business is an emotional roller coaster and Founders Emerald from East London, Lizette Liesching, gives us some insight into managing this journey.

Snippet – Perspective (Tsakani & Thabiso Mpenyana) – Tsakani & Thabiso run you through the credentials of who you are in business with – Amway & Network 21 as well as the rewards the business has to offer.

Snippet – What is it for you (Russell Jacka) – Paying it forward from what he got at his first weekend seminar, Russell shares encouragement and inspiration through stories and personal experiences.

Snippet – Piloting your Business (Katalin Lovas) – Creating perspective by talking about many markets across the world, Katalin compares the business to being either a pilot of a plane or a passenger in a plane.

Snippet – UOS – Meetings Part 2 (Jim Dornan) – Founder of Network 21, Jim Dornan, talks us through the importance and reasoning behind meetings in his University of Success series.