CEP September 2018 Sneak Peak

What If (Earle Wainstein) – Speaking recently in Cape Town, Sapphire from Johannesburg shares some of his story and then goes into who we are in business with.

Find the Decision (Ben & Jani Physick) – “Don’t let the decision find you – find it first.  When you find it, tell the people in this environment – they will encourage you to do it.  Surround yourself in the N21 bubble and get it done.”

Who are you Partnering With (John & Yvonne Lubbe & Bonny Matshediso) – Emeralds from Botswana provide insight and facts as to who we are partnered with in this business.

Look the Truth Straight On (Peter Cox) – Founders Crown Ambassador from Australia recently spoke in South Africa and in true Peter Cox style, talks about looking the truth straight on and dealing with it.

Thinking that blocks Momentum (David Dornan) – David goes through some of the misconceptions and other things that may get in the way of momentum.

Not by Chance Part 2 (Jim Dornan) – The creation of Network Twenty One was not by chance. Equipped with an incredible dream, Jim and Nancy Dornan worked, studied, and perfected the environment Network Twenty One is today. In this 2 part audio set, Jim explains the passion, values, and strategies of Network Twenty One that were formulated to create opportunity for every person who has a dream. You, as the leader, are encouraged to perpetuate this people-centered environment through strong relationships and foundations. Be passionate about Network Twenty One and Amway as you continue to grow and follow your dreams.