CEP July 2018 Sneak Peak

Snippet – A Journey of Success (Sipho Khumalo) – Emerald from Nelspruit shares the secrets of success in our business by following a predictable system and the leadership in our market.

Snippet – Don’t Stop (Gareth Griffiths) – With all the negativity around us in the world, Sapphire from Johannesburg, Gareth Griffiths shares some perspectives on how this business can help you change your future.

Snippet – I’m not the only one (Mike Wilson) – In classic Mike Wilson style, he humorously shares how he got into the business and why.

Snippet – Redefine Yourself (David Dornan) – Speaking in South Africa last year, David asks the following questions: – What should you do when you leave the weekend seminar?  And what is going to stop you when you leave this environment and enter the real world?

Snippet – UOS – The System (Jim Dornan) – Founder of Network 21, Jim Dornan, talks us through why we need a system and the consequences of not having one in his University of Success series.

Snippet – How to be a good Coach (Ben & Jani Physick) – Full of energy, new Emeralds from Australia, Ben & Jani Physick, teach and share on how to be a good coach.